"Tune In TI" - news on Audio Technology and Trends
Vol.3 No.1 From Teaxs Instruments - Dec 2004)


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New Portable HDD Digital Music Player Reference Design

Some lucky people can carry a tune perfectly. The rest of us just carry tunes with us. And carrying our favorite tunes with us is so much easier now thanks to the wide variety of new, sleek, portable digital audio devices. Booming as much as the bass, this market has been humming with steady growth, and there's no end in sight. It's expected to surpass 60 million units sold in 2006.

Capture your share of this emerging market with the help of TI's TMS320DA255 hard disk drive-based reference design. It's the second in a series of DSP-based turnkey reference platforms from TI designed for portable digital music players. The DA255 digital signal processor (DSP) delivers an optimal combination of high performance, power efficiency, and peripheral options powering this innovative reference design¡Xand in a small package. Using the latest process technologies, it can play music over 15 hours on a single charge of the built-in lithium-ion battery.

Adding functionality and reducing development costs, this BOM optimized platform has a complete color screen hardware and software solution based on a 1-inch hard disk drive with a 5 GB capacity. It supports all the hottest digital audio and video formats, including MP3, Windows MediaR Audio (WMA), WAV, JPEG and MPEG-4. Included are all the necessary software, schematics, documentation and netlists needed for production. All you need to strike the right chord with cost-conscious designers and manufacturers. And make your customers sing your praises.

Tune in TI

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