Innovation Festival - Innovation Expo 05 (HKCEC, 29 Sept 2005)



捷訊電腦科技有限公司是一間香港公司,成立於1981年。我們提供給業界應用研究和開發的服務以及嵌入式軟件和IC 晶片的方案。我們在香港和星加坡擁有的開發隊伍超過80工程師以提供服務給不同的全世界客戶。

Company information

Micom Tech Limited is a technology company in HK since 1981. Offering applied R&D Services and embedded software and chipset solutions to the industry. Having a team of over 80 engineers in HK and Singapore serving worldwide clientele. Over the past 24 years, more than 2,000 designs have been completed for production.


--- 和德州儀器合作的先進迷你硬盤彩屏MP3設計方案

--- 和NEC合作的先進DVR/DVBT方案

--- 展出和香港應用科技研究所(ASTRI)及本地大學合作的創新英語學習機

--- 展出自定創新和有成本效益的多天線RFID無線射頻識別方案,適合玩具應用

--- 展出東芝MIPS RISC平台的智能機械狗方案

Exhibit Descriptions

1. Digital AV Products

--- To exhibit the advanced Mini HDD color MP3 solution partnership with Texas instruments (the global number 1  supplier of DSP)
--- To exhibit the advanced DVR/DVBT(digital video broadcasting) solution with strong support from NEC

2. Electronic Learning Products

--- To exhibit the advanced and innovative English products with solution partnership with ASTRI and local University

3. Toys and Games

--- To exhibit the proprietary innovative cost effective multi-reader RFID solution for toys application
--- To exhibit the proprietary innovative cost effective touch sensor solution for toys applications

4. Intelligent robot dog

--- To exhibit the advanced solution based on MIPS RISC partnership with Toshiba