Hong Kong Embedded Software Survey 2007
- Press Conference of Survey Results Announcement



America Hong Kong Electronics Association (AHKEA) and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) organized a press conference during ICT Expo 2008 at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 14 April 2008 to announce the results of the “Hong Kong Embedded Software Survey 2007”. The survey is part of a TID SDF project aims to enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong electronics manufacturers on the application of embedded software.

The press conference was implemented successfully. More than 30 participants including the press and industry practitioners attended the event. Dr. Samson Tam, JP, Deputy Chairman of HKPC first delivered a welcome speech. Mr. Victor Ng, Embedded Software Project Leader and Vice Chairman of the AHKEA then presented survey findings to the guests and the press. Mr Fritz Chiu, Principal Consultant (Information Technology Industry Development) of HKPC helped to answer questions from the press and other audiences.

After the press conference, AHKEA started to distribute two key project deliverables, the report of “Hong Kong Embedded Software Survey 2007” and the “Hong Kong Embedded Software Developer Directory 2008” to the industry practitioners in the AHKEA's booth in ICT Expo 2008 (booth no. 5M17).


Mr. Victor Ng, Embedded Software Project Leader and Vice Chairman of the AHKEA
(From Left) Dr. Samson Tam, Mr. Victor Ng and Mr. Fritz Chiu
Dr. Samson Tam distributed the survey report and the directory to the industry practitioners
Many electronics industry practitioners and ICT Expo participants came to the AHKEA's booth to get the two publications
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