Seminar - System Solutions and Innovation for IC Applications

Co-organized by:
- The IC Design and Applications Sub-Committee of Hong Kong Electronic Industries Association (HKEIA)
- The Software and Chipset Solution Group of America Hong Kong Electronics Association (AHKEA)
Date: Nov. 30, 2002 (Saturday)
Venus: The Lecture Theatre, HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, HK
Time: 9:00am - 12:00noon
Speaker: Mr. Victor Ng - Managing Director of Micom Tech Limited
- 9:00am Registration
- 9:15am Seminar
- 11:15am Q&A


In this seminar, the system solutions of several end products will be presented and reviewed with the focus on the technology and system design. Chipset/IC and embedded software involved will be covered. Five categories of products will be addressed, with some demonstrations:

1. Personal Equipment

a. Internet/Multi-media Pen-based PDA
-  Based on 32/64 bit RISC
-  Features being implemented by software:
    - Software MODEM
    - Internet Access (PPP, TCP/IP, HTTP)
    - Email Writer (SMTP/POP3)
    - Browser (HTML, WML)
    - MP3 Player (software MP3 IP)
    - Digital Recorder (software voice Vocoder)
    - Handwriting Recognition
    - Voice Recognition
    - eBook
    - Other PDA functions
-   ASIC and Companion Chip for the RISC
-   How IC design can improve the platform on the cost and performance

b. Digital Voice Recorder
-   CELP vocoder solution
-   Low cost solution

2. Telecom

a. Email Phone
-   Integrating the following product/functions into one product:
    - Display phone
    - Caller ID phone
    - Email writer
    - Digital Answering Machine
    - Fax Machine
    - SMS Terminal (option)
    - Organizer
-   Based on 32bit RISC
-   Software IP:
    - Software Data MODEM, Fax MODEM and Caller ID MODEM
    - Internet Protocol: PPP, TCP/IP, SMTP/POP3
    - Fax Protocol
    - Caller ID Protocol
    - Voice Recorder

b. Internet Terminal
-   32/64 bit RISC
-   No PC required
-   Low cost solution for full Internet function by proprietary ISP service
-   eCommerce and/or other services through Internet
-   RISC+ASIC with software MODEM and embedded Internet protocols and browser

c. Wireless Headset
-   2.4G digital link
-   For portable phone

3. Audio/Video

a. MP3
-   Flash-based MP3
-   Multi-Lingual with song and singer info.
-   USB1.1 (12Mbps) PC Link
-   DSP+ASIC platform

b. Portable AV Player
-   MPEG4 record/playback
-   DSP embedded software approach or DSP+MCU/ASIC approach

c. PVR/Digital VCR
-   MPEG2 record/playback
-   Harddisk storage
-   Multi-chip platform: DSP+MCU+ASIC

4. Toys and ELA

a. Intelligent RobotDog
-   Multi-tasking Real-time platform
-   16 motors/servo motors
-   16bit High Performance CISC CPU core
-   1-chip solution
-   IC Design for future platform

b. Magic Toys
-   Virtual Electronic Pet
    - With Object Recognition and touch sensor technology
    - Custom 1-chip low cost solution
-   Cash Register
    - Able to read barcode printed on any object of any shape
    - Custom 1-chip low cost solution
-   Playset
    - Playset of a town with cars using multi-position/multi-object recognition technology
    - Custom 1-chip low cost solution

c. eBook ELA
-   Using proprietary multi-position/multi-object recognition solution
-   Book expandable
-   With low data rate CELP speech
-   2-chip custom IC low cost solution

5. Wireless PC Peripheral

a. Wireless Keyboard
b. Wireless Mouse
c. Wireless Gamepad
d. Wireless Dongle for multi-devices
-   Using proprietary 2.4GHz digital technology with 1Mbps gross data rate (600kbps actual rate)
-   Platform: MCU(baseband)+ASIC+RF MODEM
-   How custom IC can improve the platform

PowerPoint of the Seminar

Photos: Mr. Stephen Pong/AHKEA Secretary General, Executive Director