Seminar - Total Solution for New Products

Presented by: The Software & Chipset Solution and the Toys Solution Group
Date: Sept 14, 2002 (Saturday)
Time: 9:30am - 11:45am
Venue: Room #10, 1/F., HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon


Mr. Victor Ng - Managing Director of Micom Tech Ltd
                          Chairman of the Software & Chipset Solution Group


9:15am    Registration
9:30am    Non-toy solutions: Presentation and Overview
10:15am  Toy solutions: Presentation and Overview
11:00am  Q & A
11:15am  Demonstration
11:45am  HKPC Tour


In this seminar, both technology and product solutions will be presented with demonstration.

1. For Non-toy Sectors

a. Technology
   - Internet protocols solution: PPP, TCP/IP, http
   - Email solution: SMTP, POP3
   - Browser solution: HTML 4.0, WML
   - Software MODEM Solution: V.32bis, V.34bis and V.90; Fax MODEM, Caller ID MODEM (also for SMS)
   - AV solution: Vocoder, MP3, JPEG
   - Wireless solution: 2.4G Digital Link @1Mbps
   - Pen-based OS solution: proprietary for 32/64 bit RISC
   - Handwriting recognition solution: the two most popular IP

b. Personal Equipment
   - Internet/Multimedia PDA (32bit RISC-based) solution
   - High Performance PDA (16bit CPU-based) solution
   - Low End PDA (8bit CPU-based) solution
   - Tiny PDA (8bit CPU-based) solution
   - Digital recorder solution

c. Telecom
   - Email Phone solution
   - Internet Terminal solution

d. PC Peripherals
   - Wireless Keyboard solution
   - Wireless Mouse solution
   - Wireless Dongle solution
   - USB Flash Mini Disk solution

e. AV
   - MP3 solution

f. Appliances
   - Hair Dryer solution
   - Microwave Oven solution

2. For Toy Sectors

a. Technology
   - Speaker independent voice recognition solution
   - Speaker verification solution
   - CELP, MELP and LPC low data rate long speech solution
   - Text-to-speech solution
   - Midi music solution
   - Voice-over-music solution
   - RFID Object recognition solution
   - Multi-Position/Multi-object recognition solution
   - Robotic solution
   - Low cost servo motor controller solution
   - Low cost voice (ADPCM) solution

b. ELA
   - Advanced eBook ELA solution
   - Low cost ELA solution
   - Music ELA solution

c. Toys
   - Object recognition Cash Register solution
   - Object recognition Farm House solution
   - IR Mini Car solution

d. Interactive
   - MiniPet (low end voice recognition) solution
   - Interactive Pet (object recognition & touch sensor) solution
   - Interactive Doll (speaker independent recognition) solution

e. Robot
   - Robot character (Furby type) solution
   - Robot Dog (iCybie type) solution

PowerPoint of the Seminar


America Hong Kong Electronics Association Limited (AHKEA) is a registered body, with mission to group members’ expertise in providing TOTAL SOLUTION to industry, to speak to Government and work close with the new CITB (Commerce, Industry and Technology Bureau) for the benefits of member with companies in Hong Kong and America, and to give life to Hong Kong electronics industry.


Solution groups

The AHKEA is having the following Solution Groups formed by industrial experts and is providing an effective channel where people can look for total solution for making their products:

1.   Marketing solution group
2.   Software and Chipset solution group
3.   Toys solution group
4.   Contract Manufacturing solution group
5.   Component solution group
6.   Electronic Packaging solution group
7.   Optoelectronics solution group
8.   Power Supply Circuit solution group
9.   IT solution group
10. Logistics solution group
11. Quality & Productivity solution group
12. Human Resources solution group
13. Finance solution group
14. Tooling & Equipment solution group


Member benefits


Networking - Members will be provided opportunities for fellowship with influential business leaders and distinguished government officials from both Hong Kong and abroad. Through events, programs and activities, members are able to identify business opportunities and exchange ideas with business contacts.
2. Total Solution - Members can join related Solution Groups to develop business opportunities and share the success.

AHKEA web site - Through the web site, members will be provided with industry news, technology updates, useful links and information. Members also have the privilege of being featured in "Member Profile", "Recruitment" , etc..
4. Special discount for some AHKEA co-organized exhibition booths.
5. Free seminar and special discount for seminar/training course organized or co-organize by AHKEA.
6. Others - will be added from time to time.