Launching the RagaII HDD MP3 reference design
- Partnership with Texas Instruments (Jan 2005)


RagaII Reference Design
for Portable HDD Digital Music Players

Today's portable audio player market continues strong growth. IDC has forecasted that this market will exceed 60 million units in 2006. Texas Instruments' TMS320DA255 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) hard disk drive-based Raga reference design V the second in a series of TMS320C5000 DSPbased turnkey, BOM-optimized platforms V helps you capture your share of this expanding market.


Key Features

E TMS320DA255 DSP-based design
E 128 160 color TFT LCD
E MP3, WMA, WAV encode/decode
E JPEG decoding with simultaneous audio (slideshows)
E MPEG-4 decode
E TI's high-quality time scale modification (TSM) algorithm
E FM tuner with auto scan
E Voice recording with built-in mic
E Digital Rights Management (DRM)
E Records from line-in, mic or FM receiver
E Multi-language support with Unicode
E Customizable user interface with
V Artist name, song title, total number of tracks
V Track number, elapsed play time, bit rate
V DSP mode (rock, jazz, flat, etc.), play mode
V Volume level, battery monitor, etc.
E USB-based firmware upgrade
E USB device and host support
E Low power design-over 15 hours of playback on a single charge

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