Launching the Raga Flash-based MP3 reference design
- Partnership with Texas Instruments (May 2004)


Raga Reference Design
for Portable Flash-based Digital Music Players

Today's portable audio player market is growing. Multiple data sources report that this market will exceed 25 million units over the next few years. Texas Instruments' TMS320DA255 Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Flash-based Raga reference design V the first in a series of TMS320C5000 DSP-based turnkey, BOM-optimized platforms V helps you capture your share of this expanding market.


Key Features

E Long Battery Life
Provides over 45 hours on single AA; over 20 hours on a single AAA battery

E Turnkey, production-ready design
BOM- optimized design means extremely competitive retail prices

E Fully integrated software library provides seamless listening
Support for all popular formats of digital audio content such as MP3, WMA, ACC and MP3Pro plus architecture that supports multiple DRM protection schemes and post-processing features

E Time Scale Modification (TSM)
TI's proprietary, high-quality TSM software allows voice or music to speed up or slow down without changing the pitch or lowering audio quality

E Design overhead
Programmable processor capable of up to 400MIPS allows for additional product differentiation and headroom for future design requirements

Raga Brochure

(PDF 189 KB)