Press Interview of COOLNOMIX by Hong Kong newspaper



COOLNOMIX™ is a suite of advanced control systems designed to reduce running costs by 30% worldwide in all types of air-conditioning and refrigeration installations.

Mr. Kevin Moore, CEO of Agile8 Consulting Limited, is full of praise for Hong Kong. In the report, he mentioned that although the basic design come from his idea, the detailed development on hardware and software were done by a local HK company which is Micom Tech Ltd.

At the beginning, COOLNOMIX only has the model AC-01 for air-conditioner. Till there was customer request on freeze, he then asked Micom Tech if this could be done. At a result, Micom took only 4 days to make the modification and come up with the new model AR-01. With such kind of efficiency, Moore said it is not only outpace Singapore and even perform better than Silicon Valley.

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