Began in 1981, we believe in the continuing growth of the electronics industry in the future, especially in the area of products designed with microelectronics and softwares. We are committed to help clients to produce products in the most economical and efficient way, thereby enhancing cost control. We believe embedded software will continue to be a key factor in the development of the industry.

Staff training is an integral part of our company philosophy. Our strength lies in research and development, which we have made significant contributions. We offer complete software and electronic solution for products ranging from those using 4-bit micro-controllers to systems using 32-bit RISC / DSP with cost effective ASIC / chipset.

Our innovations in the digital electronic field had gained ourselves public recognition. We developed the highly successful MICOM 68, a complete CRT / disk-based computer system in 1982. All the circuitry and software (including DOS) were our original designs. This achievement was cited as a significant milestone by leading trade magazines in Hong Kong and Asia as we were the first Hong Kong company to design such a microprocessor development system. Since then, we have established the reputation for being a high-tech expert.

Our teams of competent and highly motivated engineers have continuously applied the state-of-the-art technologies to product development. We have designed well over 2500 electronic products for both local and foreign clients. Around 85% of our staff are professional engineers. We have accumulated experiences from designing complete computer system to consumer products using various micro-controllers.

Over the years, our efforts have made us a leading choice for local and overseas manufacturers in need of consultancy services in electronic product development.

In 1991, we have been operating for ten years in the Hong Kong R & D industry. As the economy of Asia was booming and the region became the most important manufacturing base of electronic products, we moved one step forward by setting up a branch company in Singapore named as MTL Micomtech Pte Limited. Also, in 1998, we have further moved by setting up another branch company in Shenzhen of China, named as KJX Micomtech (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.

In 1999, we expanded our business to offer electronic solutions (embedded software & chipset) to our clients in order to meet the market needs. And in 2006, we further expanded our business model by providing ODM services to the electronic industry.


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